Amina Moreau

Fascinated by the psychology of storytelling & ethical persuasion

I believe that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools for social change. And let's be real... the world needs some fixing.One of my biggest struggles over the course of my career has been knowing that the number of meaningful stories I can tell in my lifetime will never be enough — there's just too much to change in the world. It has taken a lot of soul searching and hard conversations to find the answers I've been looking for... how can I maximize my life's impact while I'm here?Turns out, it's pretty simple: empower others.If I can help someone who has a meaningful message to be a better storyteller, and they, in turn, empower someone else to do the same, then our impact can become exponential.This is what drives me.

Amina Moreau

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Emmy Awards


Over the years, I've co/founded a number of brands, some of which were acquired or merged, and others that I continue to operate.Radious: My newest venture — think Airbnb but for home office space
Stillmotion: Five-time Emmy Award winning film production
Sway Storytelling: Story consulting, strategy, training
Float Small Business: A resource to help businesses survive COVID-19
Muse Storytelling: Online filmmaking education
Story & Heart: Footage licensing, education, community
Marmoset: Music licensing and production
I sit on the board of a community non-profit and teach intermittently at the University of Oregon as an adjunct professor in their School of Journalism and Communication. Oh, and I'm obsessed with tennis.For more details or to collaborate on something great, please get in touch.


Having grown up in a bubble of blissful unawareness, my earliest beginnings were full of love, support, and shelter... shelter from the real world.One day in my teens, it all came screeching to a halt and my world was turned upside down. Peace became turmoil, trust became fear, and life became death. Hanging on by a thread, I had a big decision to make: Become bitter? Or become better?While it’s taken me a long time to become trusting again, I take pride in my choice to not just try to improve myself as a person every day, but to improve the world around me piece by piece, project by project, for as long as I can.

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